Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Our CEDAW work

CEDAW is the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the international bill of rights for women.

2014 CEDAW Shadow Report

YWCA Australia is once again proud to be the lead agency in the development of the 2014 CEDAW Shadow Report, in partnership with a number of NGO organisations around Australia.

There are a number of ways you can participate and provide input into the drafting of the 2014 CEDAW Shadow Report:

Any enquiries about the 2014 CEDAW Shadow Report can be directed to Kiri Dicker at

2009 CEDAW Shadow Report

From 2008-2011 YWCA Australia was the lead agency on an Australian Government contract to develop a CEDAW NGO parallel report, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s NGO CEDAW parallel report, and follow up materials.

YWCA Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of Women’s Legal Services NSW and Kingsford Legal Centre on the project.

Across Australia, women were consulted to find out the issues of importance to them and to strengthen their understanding of the rights in CEDAW. A large CEDAW Project Advisory Group, comprised of representatives from community and women’s organisations, met throughout the duration of the project.

CEDAW Action Plan

The 15-point CEDAW Action Plan for Women in Australia sets out what the Australian and State and Territory Governments should do to put into action the CEDAW Committee's recommendations on women's human rights in Australia.

The Action Plan contains thematic sheets on anti-discrimination and human rights protection, participation in public and political life, violence against women, employment, education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women with disabilities, and culturally and linguistically divers women.

» Download the CEDAW Action Plan

Australia’s CEDAW Review

Australia was last reviewed by the CEDAW Committee in New York on 20 July 2010.

A seven-woman NGO delegation also travelled to New York to lobby the CEDAW Committee to ensure that the issues of women in Australia were raised at the UN. The delegation included YWCA Australia Executive Director, Dr. Caroline Lambert.

CEDAW Review Resources

Access a range of documents relating to the CEDAW review:

» Read the CEDAW Concluding Observations on Australia

» Read the Australian Government Report

» Read the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Parallel NGO Report 

» Read the Update to the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Women's Parallel NGO Report

» Read the Australian NGO Report

» Read the Update to the Australian NGO Report 

» Read the Addendum to the Australian NGO Report

CEDAW training materials

Access training materials with useful information about the CEDAW process:

» YWCA Australia CEDAW training workshops presentation

» The Women’s Report Card - CEDAW training and resource kit