Supporting people at critical times

YWCA NSW supports vulnerable people at those critical transition periods in life when they are more prone to fall through the gaps.

We develop skilled and contributing individuals and support their families to create secure and resilient relationships, to build healthy, inclusive communities that are able to thrive.

Productive Futures

Through provision of early intervention support, training and practical assistance, YWCA NSW develops skilled and contributing individuals. This support can stop the transfer of intergenerational disadvantage, helping young people navigate their way through difficult early childhood and teenage years when they are most likely to fall through the gaps.

Safe Families

Through early intervention support, training and guidance, YWCA NSW develops the life skills of disadvantaged parents and families to create a secure and safe environment in which children can thrive. As a woman’s led organization, we know that children need the best possible start in life to prevent social exclusion.

Healthy Communities

Through working collaboratively in communities, ensuring that services are co-ordinated and effectively targeted, YWCA NSW provides opportunities for people to connect and ultimately take charge of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is the key to creating a healthy, caring and cohesive community.

Social Enterprises

YWCA NSW has always pursued a diversified funding model, receiving funding from a mixture of Government, Corporate and individual donations. Our social enterprises are a critical part of this mix, whose generated net profits are diverted back into supporting YWCA NSW’s community services and programs.

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