YWCA Australia News

Thu, 21/01/2016

Thank you to everyone who attended Convention 2015 in November, it was a pleasure to spend a weekend with YWCA women from around the country, who are clearly deeply dedicated to the movement and greater fight for gender equality. 

Wed, 16/09/2015

We are delighted to announce that long-term YWCA member Dame Quentin Bryce will lead YWCA Australia from November 2015 as our President.

Ms Bryce has been a fearless advocate for women, children and families throughout her life and a role model and mentor for women around Australia. Ms Bryce has had a long association with YWCA, having been Patron of YWCA Canberra whilst serving as Governor-General of Australia, a Board Director of YWCA NSW 1996-1998 and current Patron of YWCA Queensland where she now lives.

Wed, 02/09/2015

In October at World Council 2015 the movement has the important task of selecting leaders to steer us through the next four years until the next Council. There are three Australians nominated for positions who will be up for election. Read all about them here.