2018 SHE Leads “Learning from Difference to Harvest the Collective” Conference


Up first was our illustrious CEO, Michelle Phillips, who welcomed participants to the conference and showcased three areas of work being undertaken by YWCA Australia in Domestic Violence, Women in Prisons and Affordable Housing.

Some of the 2018 SHE Leads Graduates showcased their leadership development in Seed to Harvest, detailing their experiences and highlights of being part of the SHE Leads Program.

2038: The Future Opportunities for Women saw a panel of four women look twenty years into the future, envisaging life for women globally, rurally and for those living with a disability and in the workplace. This was an interactive and engaging session that generated a lot of conversation during the morning tea break.


Two of the keynote speakers went back to back with Hon Kate Ellis MP giving a very frank, honest, raw and very real account of her life in Parliament, titled “Why Would a Woman Want To Go Into Politics?” Kate’s quote, “I consider myself a feminist and I am leaving my job because of my children” was tweeted and shared to many social media platforms, obviously resonating with many in the room. Kate’s presentation was so compelling that two women have since nominated for the local government elections here in Adelaide.

Tracey Spicer AM gave an engaging, humorous but sobering presentation reflecting on her life and experiences of being a woman. She detailed not only her experiences in the media, but shared many personal anecdotes as well. Her insight and passion for gender equality had delegates riveted and glued to their seats. 

With six breakout sessions on offer there was a diverse range of options for delegates to choose from with sessions focusing on “Learning from Difference” and “Harvest the Collective."

Jo Anna Ferrari finished off the conference with an entertaining, honest and quite funny account of her life’s personal and career journey in Rethinking Rich.

Sanja Jovanovic (MC) kept delegates connected and inspired to hear more throughout the day and wrapped up with a challenge for the SHE Leads Conference to “sell out Adelaide Oval” which was accepted by our CEO, Michelle Phillips. So watch out Adelaide, next year will be even bigger and greater again!