Roxane Gay/ Christina Hoff Sommers #Feminist Tour

YWCA MEMBERS! Do we have a treat for YOU! You might be aware that ‘Bad Feminist’ Roxane Gay (professor, cultural critic, author/novelist, blogger) and the controversial Christina Hoff Sommers / The Factual Feminist (professor, philosopher, author, vlogger) are on their way to Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland!

They'll be navigating the trials and tribulations of 21st century feminism in #FEMINIST, NEXT MONTH. Thanks to our friends at This Is 42, we're offering YWCA Australia members a discount code. You can become a YWCA Australia member here (for free!). 

Visit the event and apply the following..

Promo Code: YWCA 
Discount: 20%
Event location: Melbourne & Sydney

Ticket Type discount applies to: Adult T 1,2 3.