Gallagher Annual Wine & Cheese Fundraising Night 2018

Gallagher hosted their annual Wine & Cheese night at Song Kitchen, in Sydney, on Tuesday 23 October. Through their generosity together with donations, raffle ticket sales and live auction, we are excited to be close to now exceeding our target of $25,000!

There was a great energy in the room and 150 of their industry guests and supporters dined on our delicious Song Kitchen Food, had many of the wines on offer and celebrated the wonderful partnership between Gallagher and YWCA. Gallagher have been hosting this event, and have raised over $300,000 for our programs for the past 13 years, and this year money raised will support the Pathways To Independence Program.

Pathways to Independence is a Y funded program for women over 50 who are at risk of becoming homeless, many as a result from domestic & family violence. The money raised from this event, together with the funds raised at Breaking The Cycle will ensure that this program continue in 2019 which means that we can continue to provide ongoing assistance, including temporary housing, referrals to legal services, medical services & intensive case management where necessary, and financial support to help 70 women get back on their feet.

We look forward to their continued support.