Our women are the pride of Australian sport, but media coverage is yet to catch up

For many years the Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL) published statistics purportedly representing the coverage of female sport in what is now referred to as mainstream media.

The figures were a raw percentage of coverage of female teams and individuals in comparison with that devoted to male participants, and it told a sorry but not unexpected story.

Typically, coverage devoted to women's sport would be in the low single figures with the possible exception of those weeks when a Karrie Webb major, Australian team netball triumph or some other stupendous international achievement caused a blip on the graph.

The release of these figures, accompanied by a harshly worded press release, was intended to name and shame media outlets which were supposedly deliberately ignoring women's sport and failing to provide the coverage it deserved.

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But as someone working in the print media at the time, the WEL's annual backhander tended to be something of a red rag to the old bulls in the male-dominated sports media paddock.