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YWCA National Housing and YWCA Housing Board Changes

We would like to announce some recent changes to roles on the YWCA National Housing and YWCA Housing Boards. As of 1 July 2019, Anna Draffin is the new Chair and Kirsty Rourke is the new Deputy Chair of both Boards.

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Creating Organisational Success with Female Leadership

Are you a talented professional woman ready to take the next step in your professional career? Do you lead an organisation looking to promote talented female leaders? YWCA Australia’s SHE Leads® program delivers real, measurable, results for women aspiring to advance their careers with many women moving onto management positions following the program.

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Housing in Australia is in desperate need of a gender lens

After experiencing family violence, it took Leanne* four years to secure safe and affordable housing. Her story shows us why we need a gender-responsive approach to social housing.
Leanne was forced to leave her family home in 2011 due to family violence and spent the next four years homeless before securing long term, safe, affordable housing with the support of YWCA National Housing.


Thank you Caroline, former YWCA National Housing and YWCA Housing Board Director

We thank former director, Caroline Treacy, who has recently made the decision to step down from the YWCA Housing and YWCA National Housing Boards. Because of Caroline’s contribution, YWCA is strongly positioned to continue innovating and diversifying our affordable housing property options.

Women’s Unpaid Care Work in Australia

Women continue to bear the work load of unpaid care in Australia. What can be done to improve the well being and financial stability of women in unpaid care work in the future? This article written by Emiko, a member of the YWCA Young Women’s Council.

YWCA merger celebration

Five tips on the road to merger success

As the President of YWCA Australia, I’m delighted that this month we’re celebrating the first year of our national merger! This historic amalgamation bought together eight member associations into one organisation to ensure our long term sustainability while scaling the positive outcomes of our programs and services supporting women, children, young people and families across Australia.