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Group of YWCA staffs celebrating

Merger Celebrations: one year on!

As an organisation, we marked the first anniversary of our merger with a morning tea! This was a great opportunity for everyone in the organisation to celebrate the past year and come together as a team.

Laura Burfitt image

Three Questions with: Laura Burfitt (Young Women’s Council)

I joined the Young Women’s Council because I wanted to hear the voices of other young women with backgrounds different to my own in order to broaden and improve my own views and opinions on gender issues.

Yusra Hasan

Three Questions with: Yusra Hasan (Young Women’s Council)

I joined YWCA’s Young Women’s Council because I’ve always been passionate about gender equity and intersectional feminism. The YWC seemed like a wonderful way to not only connect with other like-minded young women, but felt also like a great platform for advocacy and self-learning.

YWCA former director, Ilena Young

Thank you Ilena, former YWCA Board Director

We thank former director, Ilena Young, who has recently made the decision to step down from the YWCA Australia Board. We acknowledge Ilena’s significant contribution in the creation of a strong, unified, national YWCA.

group of people and bike drawing

Young women most vulnerable amid gender equality backlash

National research body ANROWS in partnership with VicHealth have released their latest research report which surveyed 1,761 young Australians aged 16 to 24 about their views on violence against women and gender equality.

person's shadow behind metal bars

Stories in Philanthropy: TFFF and YWCA

TFFF’s multi-year support went beyond dollars to include advice, advocacy, “encouragement and moral support”, all of which helped YWCA’s Women of Worth program deliver extraordinary results and secure Australian Government funding.