Helping Jackie rebuild her life and reconnect with her kids

With the support of YWCA’s Pathways to Independence program, Jackie has reconnected with her children and is now living in safe, affordable community housing.

Life has been hard for Jackie. She worked for many years, yet often on a part-time or casual basis and was unable to save up much money. After experiencing depression and PTSD as a result of being bullied at work, she found herself unable to continue working and paying her rent.

Jackie went through a tough few years. She was homeless, and couch-surfing with friends and family. She experienced domestic violence in a relationship. She lost her two kids to child protection. She turned to alcohol to help her cope. She survived two attempts at suicide.

When Jackie turned to YWCA, she felt that she had hit rock bottom. Through our Pathways to Independence program, we were able to help her connect to support services including counselling, and helped Jackie to move into affordable community housing, paying a few weeks rent in advance to help her get started.

When we touched base with Jackie one year later, she told us “I’m feeling more confident, and in control of my life. I’m happy to be in my one-bedroom unit. Even though it’s small, it’s mine.”

“The main thing is I’ve reconnected with my kids. I’m so proud of them. I have an amazing relationship with my daughter now and we talk about her boyfriend issues and her university studies.”

“My son actually asked me to watch his basketball game, which he’s never done before and afterwards came and gave me a sweaty hug and kiss in front of his teammates. It felt like bliss.”

Will you join us in supporting more women like Jackie to rebuild their lives after homelessness?

Join us in Breaking the Cycle of housing distress and homelessness – we are aiming to raise $125,000 this year through our spin class fundraising challenge in Sydney and Melbourne.

Every dollar you fundraise or donate makes a difference to women experiencing homelessness.

Now is the time to act!

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