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Nominate for the 2022 YWCA Board

Want to be part of a Board that is focused on a future where gender equality is a reality? YWCA Australia is currently inviting candidates to nominate for the 2022 election process with two director positions available.  

What we’re looking for

YWCA is seeking Directors with experience in one or both of the following areas and ask that applicants address these skills within their cover letter:

  • Commercial sector skills: Strong business acumen with experience working in a commercial entity and demonstrated understanding of the drivers which ensure the sustainability and impact of an organisation.
  • Homelessness sector skills: Knowledge of the homelessness service sector, research and evidence, relevant national and state policy, reforms and funding cycles.

When considering your suitability, please reflect on your professional, volunteer and life experience as well as your education, which may be ongoing.

Our Board

The YWCA Australia Board is a skills-based board currently made up of 11 Directors, 60% of whom are elected by the Members with the balance being appointed by the Board.  We are constitutionally required to have 1/3 of our Directors as Young Women and seek to exceed this target.  Directors of the YWCA Australia Board are appointed as directors of three companies limited by guarantee, YWCA Australia and its subsidiaries, YWCA Housing and YWCA National Housing.  Each entity is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.  There are two Board established Committees: 

  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee 
  • Nominations Committee  

As a Director you may be asked to join one of those Committees to offer your expertise or as a learning experience. 

Can you do it?

Applicants must be eligible to be appointed as a Director within the requirements of the Constitution, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the ACNC Act.  Key requirements are that the Director must be:

  • Female, or identify as female, and at least 18 years old;
  • An Ordinary Member of YWCA Australia, a Life Member of YWCA Australia or a member of the Board of World YWCA. Is not an employee of the Company;
  • Consents in writing to be a director; and
  • Is not prohibited from being a director by reason of the Corporations Act.

Your performance will be reviewed annually.

This position will require the applicant to satisfactorily complete a national criminal history record check prior to appointment.

How to apply to be a candidate

Nomination period closes 11.59pm 21 August 2022.

Please note: the YWCA Nominations Committee will review your application to ensure it aligns with the selection principles and criteria. Candidates selected to stand for election will be interviewed in late September. Interviews will also give nominees an opportunity to get a feel for the operating principles and culture of YWCA and the Board.

The Nominations Committee will recommend to the Board which candidates should be proposed for election or appointment to ensure that the skills required from this selection meet the needs identified by the Board.  It is anticipated that around 6 candidates will be nominated for election.

Eligible candidates will be notified in advance of the voting period which will run from 8 October – 29 October.  Candidates will be notified of the results in early November and administrative tasks involved with appointment will be undertaken.  Results will be announced to the Membership at the YWCA AGM, which will be held on 17 November.  Elected candidates will not be expected to attend or speak at the AGM.

Further detail on our current Board can be found here.


All questions can be sent to companysec@ywca.org.au.

Become a Mentor for the Asista Mentoring Program (Melbourne)

Asista Mentoring Program

Asista Mentoring Program utilises the power of role models to positively impact girls aged 12-18 in the child protection system on their journey to become strong, resilient adults.

Through a range of social and recreational activities, ‘matches’ develop genuine and reciprocal relationships that build self-esteem, resilience and confidence.

All mentor volunteers are provided with strong, ongoing support, training and supervision. Mentors are asked to commit to the program for a minimum of 12 months, with a requirement of two-six hours fortnightly face-to-face contact with your mentee. It is also essential to have a driver’s licence and access to a car.

Asista is run in greater metropolitan Melbourne.

Become a Mentor for the Y Connect Program (Toowoomba)

Become a Mentor for Y Connect

  • Are you interested in assisting a woman living with disability realise their goals for employment and broaden their connections for potential employment?
  • Do you have a minimum of 2 hours free each month to work with a woman living with a disability as a mentor?

The Y Connect program is seeking volunteers to mentor women living with a disability in the Darling Downs region in Queensland to work with participants to develop their strengths and work towards their employment and career aspirations for a period of 9 to 12 months, to meet with the mentee at an agreed time and location of mutual convenience.

To ensure mentees are matched with the best mentor, we ask that you read the Y Connect Role Description (found at the below link) and complete the online application form.

Write for YWCA

Are you a keen writer with lots of opinions to share?

We’re on the lookout for the next generation of feminist thought leaders – if you want to write an article about something you’re passionate about that’s in line with YWCA values, we’re keen to hear from you!

Contact us at comms@ywca.org.au with your article idea, and we’ll have a chat about how we can possibly publish your article on our website!