Rise Above The Pack Bystander Intervention Workshops

Gender inequitable attitudes and behaviours are closely linked to violence against women. YWCA’s award-winning Rise Above the Pack Bystander Intervention Workshops empower participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely intervene in situations where respect or safety of women is at risk, and to challenge anti-social, gender inequitable attitudes and behaviour.  

Participants leave with an understanding of the impact of what they say and do, their role in preventing violence against women, and the skills and strategies they need to intervene in their own lives.  

Workshops are delivered in partnership with workplaces and community groups over three hours and are based on best-practice principles for the prevention of violence against women.  

To find out more or to organise a workshop, contact Jemma Taylor Cross on (08) 8203 9400, or on email at Jemma.Taylor-Cross@ywca.org.au  

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