Unconscious Bias Workshops

Understanding what unconscious bias is and what it means is key in changing our perceptions. YWCA’s Unconscious Bias Workshops empower participants to acknowledge, identify and create change toward gender bias behaviour and attitudes,  

Topics in the workshops include:  

  • understanding gender equality, 
  • what is gender, 
  • what is unconscious bias, and  
  • how to overcome gender bias.  

Over three hours, participants explore each topic and are encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours in a safe space.  

Once the topics of understanding gender equality, gender roles and unconscious bias are explored, participants are then provided with actions and strategies on how they can eliminate unconscious gender bias in their lives, be it in the workplace or in their personal lives. These strategies use real-life examples, videos and scenarios for participants to explore in groups ways to eradicate unconscious bias. 

To find out more and get involved, contact Jemma Taylor Cross on (08) 8203 9400 or by email at Jemma.Taylor-Cross@ywca.org.au  

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