Y Connect

Y Connect: empowering women living with disability through building confidence, connections and professional development.

“The glass ceiling is double glazed when it comes to being a woman with a disability.”

Recognising that career planning, networking and skill-building come with extra barriers for women living with disability (WWD), the Y Connect project aims to create a community; offering workshops, events, social and mentoring opportunities (one-off or longer-term structures) for women, no matter what their professional experience.

Every member is able to tailor their involvement and commit to what suits them, with the choice of opting into whichever events are interesting and relevant to them in their employment journey.

The Y Connect project is an opportunity for members to gain knowledge, confidence and contribute to their community through sharing advice and skills with peers. All Y Connect events exist in a friendly, safe and empowering environment, where WWD connect with peers and allies from the YWCA movement, with a common goal of changing the culture and statistics around opportunities for women with disabilities.

For more information on joining the Y Connect project either as a member or an ally, please contact Lisa on 0437 650 946 (call or text) or email at lisa.gascoigne@ywca.org.au

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