YWCA Australia News

Fri, 25/07/2014

Yen Eriksen is reporting from AIDS2014 for World YWCA and YWCA Australia. In this short piece we hear from people, from three different groups affected by HIV/AIDS. Harmony who is a NSW sex-worker, Jenny Kelsall Executive Officer of who works with drug users from Harm Reduction Victoria and Amitava Sarkar transwoman advocate from India. This is an opportunity to hear from people about what needs to be done to put the needs and concerns of their groups front and centre in the HIV/AIDS response. 

Thu, 24/07/2014

Speaking at a YWCA hosted breakfast this Thursday 24 July, and as part of the AIDS2014 Conference, Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls Natasha Stott Despoja said it is essential we highlight the issues faced by young HIV positive women.

Thu, 24/07/2014
At YWCA, we're committed to creating safe and supportive spaces for young women to share their stories. This is why we organised the Young Women Speak Up event this week as part of AIDS2014. We heard from a number of young women in the World YWCA delegation. Thank you to Andrea from the YWCA of Honduras, CZ from the YWCA of India and Sylvia from the YWCA of PNG for speaking up about your experiences. 


Wed, 23/07/2014

In the days leading up to the International AIDS Conference, a group of us from the World YWCA delegation attended the International Youth Pre-Conference. In a very sobering start to the Pre-Conference, we learnt of the MH17 tragedy. 

Tue, 22/07/2014

The first full day of the conference is over! Hear all about the International AIDS Conference from members of the World YWCA delegation in our first special podcast.