World YWCA

YWCA Australia is a member of the World YWCA, an international network of women leading change. 

What is the World YWCA?

The World YWCA is an international association of YWCAs from across the world that was formed in 1894.

The World YWCA supports YWCA work around the world, bringing women together to address common concerns and share resources towards a common vision.

The World YWCA is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Working in communities around the world

As one of the oldest and largest non-government organisations in the world, the YWCA works on-the-ground to improve the lives of women and girls in over 22,000 local communities across the world.

Speaking out for women and girls everywhere

The World YWCA speaks out on behalf of women at a global level to protect their human rights. The World YWCA advocates for peace, justice, health, human dignity, freedom and environmental sustainability.

The World YWCA was one of the first organisations to bring women’s human rights onto the United Nations agenda.

The World YWCA also gives voice to what the local and national YWCA Associations are doing to bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank.


World YWCA priority issues

The current World YWCA priorities are sexual and reproductive health and rights/HIV and AIDS; violence against women/ human rights; peace with justice; and economic empowerment and environmental sustainability.

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More information

To find out more about the World YWCA, visit the World YWCA website.