Youth Frontiers

About the program

Young people are our future leaders. Youth Frontiers is a NSW Government-funded Youth Mentoring program for people aged 12 to 16 that focuses on leadership and civic engagement.

The program runs for six months, with young people receiving a minimum of 35 hours mentoring, including at least 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring. The program will give mentees an opportunity to build life skills and self-confidence by working collaboratively with their mentors to undertake a community project that makes a positive difference in their local community.

The purpose of Youth Frontiers is to connect young people with volunteer mentors. Through this program they develop a fun and supportive relationship while focusing on a community engagement activity. There are no particular skills or experiences required to become a volunteer mentor, just a desire to support young people to develop their own interests, increase their self-confidence and to support them to complete a community engagement activity.

Hear from our mentees and mentors

“I’ve learned a lot from this, I boosted my self-confidence and honestly it helped me so much in everyday life.”

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