Meet Alannah

Alannah experienced a lifetime of unstable housing, compounded by a history of domestic violence and mental health struggles.  

After leaving her last unsafe relationship with the support of a close friend, Alannah, with her cat in tow, had nowhere to go.  

While staying between friends’ houses, Alannah began contacting support services, trying to find a safe, secure place to call home. One of these services that was providing support to Alannah after her trauma experiences referred her onto YWCA.  

“I thought I was going to be living with my friend and his dad for years,” shares Alannah.  

We were able to offer Alannah an apartment in Melbourne’s South East. Since moving into the home in January, she’s made the place her own.  

“I’ve never been in my own space, I’ve always been with partners or housemates or family. This is my first time having my space.”  

“It feels like home. It did almost as soon as I got here. The more I’ve added my decorations, the more it has felt like my space. I’ve hung vines and tapestries on the wall to make it feel like my house.” 

Alannah’s new home is well-located – close to local shops, public transport and green spaces.  

“The local supermarket, about three doors down from me, is amazing. It’s cheaper and better quality than the bigger chain stores and has the best meat I’ve ever tasted. I get most of my groceries from here – I just wheel my little shopping trolley down and get all of my fresh produce.” 

Most importantly for Alannah is the local craft shop.  

“I spend a lot of my time crafting, especially now I have my own space. When I run out of supplies, I can just go for a short walk to the local craft shop and get most of what I need!”  

With a strong sense of safety and stability from her new home, Alannah is looking to her future.  

“I’ve always wanted to help people, because I never got the help I needed. I am actually planning to go and study psychology and branch off into psychotherapy.” 

“For the first time ever, I believe that I am safe. “

“I now have the belief I do have a positive future after all of my history of trauma.” 

“With this place, and how I feel here, I have come to the conclusion I don’t want to live with anyone else ever again.”  

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