Why I Participate in #16DaysOfActivism

Written by Amani Haydar 25 November marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW). My first […]

Home truths: How the housing system is failing women experiencing violence 

  Written by Charlotte Dillon    And yet for many, it’s not dull. It’s tangible, real, and in their face. The reality of living rough, of couch surfing, of not […]

Recognising Red Flags with Legal Aid NSW

Everyone keeps talking about red and green flags in relationships what does this even mean?  When we talk about “red flags”, […]

Open letter to current and aspiring members of Federal Parliament: We’re voting to end gender-based violence

Click here to join the  other signatories of our open letter outlined below To all members and aspiring members of Federal Parliament,   We’ve […]

What is gender-based violence and what does it look like in Australia?

Gender-based violence is the globally-recognised term for harmful acts directed toward an individual based on their gender. In the Australian media, you’re more likely […]

5 reasons men should hate the patriarchy too

So why should men get on board with hating the patriarchy too? It shortens men’s lives Conforming to masculine norms […]