Meet our new Board Trainees

We would also like to introduce our two newest board directors, Claire and Laura, commencing in July. Meet them now!

YWCA CBF update – June MISSives

It’s a busy and exciting time for our Cyber Feminists (CBF)! Not a part of the CBF? Sign up now […]

YWCA Advocacy Update – June MISSives

It’s been a busy few months for advocacy, especially with the release of the 2021 Federal Budget. With a huge […]

What comes to your mind when you think of startups?

Written by Priyanka Ashraf What about the individuals from those groups who also belong to intersecting identities across race, gender, […]

Feminist of the Month: Madison Connors

Nominated by Priyanka Ashraf

woman in kitchen performing unpaid labour.

Feminist Economics

According to a 2014 ABC Study revealed unpaid work was equivalent to $434 billion – 43.5% of the Australian GDP. But do why we still under-value unpaid, domestic work, done primarily by women? YWCA Member Satara Uthayakumaran shares her take.