A Tribute to Juli Dugdale

Juli practiced what we all preach – intergenerational leadership founded on the principles of feminism, inclusion and equality. In doing so she became a mentor, leader, peer and advocate for so many women and young women around the world.

Three Questions With: Tanmaya Vivekanand (Young Women’s Council)

I wanted to use my passion for feminism to make a change and do something to help other young women. I also wanted to learn as much as I could and to meet other like-minded young women.

Registrations open now for Encore WA

Encore is a free exercise program designed specifically for women who have experienced mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction surgery. Our next term starts in October in Albany, Mandurah and Wanneroo.

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One Year Anniversary of our Lakehouse pop-up!

Celebrating the one year anniversary of our Lakehouse popup with over 50 women housed, 50% of whom have experienced domestic or family violence. Thank you to our many partners who helped to transform Lakehouse into a home, and Rob Pradolin for his ongoing support and innovative solutions to homelessness.

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Opportunity for YWCA Australia Life Members

Are you a life member of YWCA Australia? We’re looking for two life members to join two Nominations Committee members to form the Life Member Selection Group. The Life Membership Selection Group will assess YWCA Life Member nominations against agreed selection criteria to determine two new Life Members for 2019/2020.

Vote for YWCA’s Our Happy Women program

Members of the YWCA Australia’s Our Happy Women program are calling on the local community to rally to support their funding application to establish a local cultural arts hub and social enterprise to transform the lives of Aboriginal women and their families, providing a vehicle for social and economic self-determination.