Launch: YWCA x Stella Feminist Book Week

A feminist call to arms has been issued to all young women and non-binary persons by YWCA Australia and The Stella Prize, who have today launched the first Australian Feminist Book Week (17 – 23 October).

64 women’s organisations say it’s time to #BanBlokeBasedBudgets

ERA and YWCA have teamed up to create a video for young people, dedicated to explaining the importance of the Federal Budget.

Three things I’ve learnt about myself through feminist writing

By Zoya Patel. Being a feminist writer in the age of the internet is no easy feat. Where feminists are used to facing backlash and barriers to our advocacy for gender equality, the internet makes it particularly volatile, and the feedback (both positive and negative) is swift.

The paradox of a woman’s ambition

By guest contributor Hamah Hosen – Ambition is often seen as a key ingredient to achieving success and excelling in one’s career. But for women and girls like myself, it’s not as simple. We get criticised for not having enough ambition yet also get criticised for being too ambitious.

Passion for breaking the cycle brought Virginia to YWCA

Meet Virginia, who has worked with YWCA in our Homelessness Services in Sydney for nearly thirty years!

Leave a legacy that will make a positive impact

By leaving a gift in your will, you can support us to deliver our life-changing community programs and services. A gift, even as low as one per cent of your estate, can have a big difference in positively impacting on a women’s life, and in doing so provide the greatest gift.