Key policy issues

The YWCA Australia policy platform identifies the key issues we are most concerned about and guides our advocacy and campaign work.

These issues have been identified by our members and staff and the women and girls who use YWCA services across Australia.

Our key policy issues

Our seven key issues are violence against women, housing, economic wellbeing, health and wellbeing, education and training, the environment and peace.

We work for social, economic, political and legal change in these areas.

Violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls is a human rights abuse and affects all societies. We work to end violence against women and girls.


Women and girls have a human right to housing.  Women are the hidden face of the housing crisis in Australia.

Economic wellbeing

YWCA Australia advocates for the economic well-being of women and girls.

Women's participation in the workforce is affected by a number of things, particularly the expectation that women will be primary care-givers for children and other family members. 

We campaign about things like paid maternity leave, women's retirement income and tax issues for women.

Health and wellbeing

The right to health is a foundation for the wellbeing of women and girls. 

HIV/AIDS is a global emergency for women that can't be separated from the issues of violence against women and women's sexual and reproductive health rights.

Negative body image is also a serious issue affecting many Australian women and girls. 

Education and training

YWCA Australia works for policies and programs that will ensure women and girls, their families and communities have access to education and training opportunities.


YWCA Australia works for policies and programs that will secure a sustainable environmental future.


YWCA Australia works for policies and programs that contribute to a culture of peace in our community and world.

Our current priorities

Currently we are focusing our work on four main areas.

These are women's leadership in Australia, creating safe communities and healthy relationships, promoting housing solutions for women, young people and families, and promoting international women's human rights and global YWCA advocacy.

We also advocate about women's economic security and equal pay, the sustainability of the not for profit sector and promoting a human rights framework for women in Australia.

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