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YWCA Life Membership Award Nomination

YWCA Australia invites members to nominate individuals for Life Membership.

YWCA Australia’s Life Membership Award is an acknowledgement and recognition of a Member’s outstanding and distinctive contribution to our work in advancing gender equality. Life Membership recognises those Members whose contribution to the YWCA has had significant impact on the organisation, the community and the gender equality movement.

Meaning and Significance

  • The Award is for life.
  • Status recognises a select group of YWCA Members (limited numbers awarded per year).
  • A YWCA Life Member pin is awarded and a formal letter of congratulations from the President.

Demonstrated Selection Criteria

Life Member nominees must be proposed by a YWCA Australia Ordinary Member.  In assessing candidates, the Life Member Selection Group will be considering the below selection criteria.

  • Sustained commitment and demonstrated service to YWCA above and beyond the normal commitment expected of a member, volunteer, employee or contractor.
  • Ongoing and consistent support of young women’s leadership.
  • Ongoing and consistent demonstration and support of the mission and values of YWCA.
  • Sustained commitment and service to gender equality including leadership and active contribution.
  • Membership of the YWCA – with a recommendation of at least five years.

Nomination of candidates for Life Member

YWCA Australia Members are encouraged to nominate potential Life Members based on the selection criteria. 

Nominations will be submitted to the Company Secretary and considered by a Life Member Selection Group (Selection Group) comprising two members of the Nominations Committee and two volunteer Life Members. The Selection Group will recommend Life Members to the Board for approval. 

The President of the YWCA will award a maximum of two Life Memberships at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Invitations for volunteers to join the Selection Group will be sent out at a later date.


YWCA reserves the right to revoke the granting of Life Membership in extreme circumstances should the actions and behaviours of the relevant individual be deemed to be detrimental to YWCA and/or inconsistent with its mission and/or its values.

In the event of a proposed revocation of life membership, the Board will undertake an independent investigation and any decision must be unanimous.


If you have any questions about the Life Membership process, please get in touch at [email protected].

Join the Life Member Selection Group

We’re looking for two life members to join the Life Member Selection Group. Other members of the group will include members of the YWCA Young Women’s Council and the Nominations Committee.

The Life Member Selection Group will assess YWCA Life Member nominations against agreed selection criteria to determine the new Life Memberships to be awarded at the 2020 AGM.

Some things you might need to know:

  • If more than two Life Members volunteer for the Life Membership Selection Group, a random selection process will apply.
  • Life Membership Selection Group members may serve for more than one term although a 12-month period of non-service is required between terms.
  • YWCA employees will provide secretarial assistance to the Life Membership Selection Group throughout the selection process.
  • You will need to be available to review proposed candidates (3-4 hours) and for at least one 60 minute meeting to be held online or via telephone during business hours. Key dates are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Does this sound like something you want to be involved in? If you are interested or would like further information on the role, please contact Kate O’Donohue, Company Secretary, on [email protected]

2020 Key Dates

12 June 2020: Nominations open

21 August 2020: Nominations close

1 August – 21 August 2020 Current Life Members invited to volunteer for the Selection Group. Invitations to volunteer for the Selection Group will be sent out in late July.

28 August 2020: Selection Group confirmed and notified

31 August to 11 September 2020: Life Member nominations provided to the Selection Group for consideration.

14 September 2020: Selection Group meet (via phone or online) to agree recommendations to be put to the Board.

October 2020: Board consider recommendations.

November 2020: YWCA notifies new Life Members before AGM with formal notification at AGM.