Board Committees

The Board has established a range of specialised sub-committees which support YWCA Australia and each subsidiary. These are: Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Nominations Committee.

The Committee assists the Board of YWCA Australia (and its subsidiary board/s) to discharge their duties in relation to:

  • monitoring the financial performance;
  • oversight and monitoring of the financial management system including financial audit (internal and external); and
  • monitoring financial and strategic risks for the group.

The purpose of this Committee does not extend to operational financial management of the Company (and its subsidiaries).


  • David Smith (Independent Chair)
  • Rebecca Thomas (YWCA Australia Director)
  • Marina Rofe (YWCA Australia Director)
  • Apoorva Kallianpur (Young Woman/YWCA Australia Director)
  • Mannie Kaur Verma (Young Woman/YWCA Australia Director)

The Committee is charged with providing the Board with advice and guidance on relevant issues as outlined in the Constitution and summarised below.

  • Recommending nominees to fill vacancies in the Board in accordance with the Board selection principles as approved by the Members at an annual general meeting from time to time;
  • Recommending the process by which the Board shall select the number and identity of delegates to attend the World YWCA’s general meeting; and
  • Considering other issues delegated to it by the Board from time to time.


  • Molly George (Young Woman/YWCA Australia Director – Chair)
  • Shanshan Guo (Young Woman/ Member elected)
  • Hilary Callaghan