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YeS 2026 Design Stage Update

Thank you to those who’ve joined us during our member consultations so far to ask questions and give feedback on our new strategy and direction. As per the outline we provided at the launch of the YeS 2026 strategy, we have now moved out of the Ignite stage and into Design, which will run from June 2021 until March 2022 and will be your opportunity to help shape the future of the Y.

Meet our new Board Trainees

We would also like to introduce our two newest board directors, Claire and Laura, commencing in July. Meet them now!

YWCA CBF update – June MISSives

It’s a busy and exciting time for our Cyber Feminists (CBF)! Not a part of the CBF? Sign up now […]

YWCA Advocacy Update – June MISSives

It’s been a busy few months for advocacy, especially with the release of the 2021 Federal Budget. With a huge […]

What comes to your mind when you think of startups?

Written by Priyanka Ashraf What about the individuals from those groups who also belong to intersecting identities across race, gender, […]

Feminist of the Month: Madison Connors

Nominated by Priyanka Ashraf