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Advocacy Update – October 2021

Advocacy work at the Y never ends. We spent a lot of August preparing for the National Summit on Women’s Safety, held in the first week of September. This Summit was intended to be an important step towards developing the National Plan to end violence against women and children, but it underdelivered.  

Why Feminist Book Week is so powerful, important and necessary

Feminist Book Week is a week-long festival that aims to raise awareness of the sexism, misogyny and unconscious bias that, unfortunately, continues to exist in publishing and media today.

Woman holding a keyring with a house and keys

The cost of living in lockdown is taking those on low incomes to the brink

The exclusion of people on the lowest incomes from disaster relief payments is pushing many living in lockdown to breaking point, a new survey from ACOSS has revealed.

Human Trafficking and How it Affects Women and Girls

Growing up in Nigeria, I remember seeing children begging for alms. I wondered why their parents would allow them to roam the streets, begging strangers for money.

The difference a gift in your Will could make to women across Australia

Did you know that despite 29 per cent of people saying they’d leave a gift in their Will to a cause close to their heart, only […]

Advocacy Update – August 2021

It’s been a busy few months for advocacy, with both Queer Pride Month and Disability Pride Month falling one after the other and […]