Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

A future where gender equality is a reality.

Our Purpose

Making young women’s leadership and women’s housing our priority for gender equity in Australia.

Our Values


We’re unapologetically feminist. Our feminism informs everything we do – empowering women to actively transform power structures and advocate for equality. 


We’re intersectional and inclusive in our approach. We make sure that we’re always respectful, and we’re proud of the strength that comes through diversity. We’re committed to First Nations recognition and reconciliation. 


Our education, advocacy and support services are evidence-based, and our impact is measured. We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything that we do.  


We foster and encourage courageous ideas and bold leadership. We challenge ourselves to evolve and expand our impact across a broad range of gender equality issues. 


Our reputation and trustworthiness ensure that we honestly, reliably and transparently deliver on our commitments to gender equity, support services and crisis support.

We’re committed to keeping children and young people safe, and to a ‘Speak Up & Speak Out‘ culture reflecting the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour.