Advocacy Toolkit

If you’re looking to make a difference and want to advocate for gender equality or other issues affecting women, young women, women and gender diverse people in Australia, this toolkit is for you!

This collection of practical tips and advice navigating advocacy in Australia will help you to identify policy areas of particular interest to you, and who you can talk to about creating change. You can create an advocacy plan and shape your own campaign to really stand out! Whether you’re new to advocacy or looking for a refresher, this toolkit will give you lots to think about and support you in taking the next step in your advocacy journey.

This toolkit wouldn’t have been possible without the collective effort of feminists around the world, particularly First Nations women and women of colour who have lead intersectional feminism. We recognise that YWCA Australia has benefited from colonialism. Our advocacy towards gender equality continues to evolve as we embed racial and social justice in our work.

Planning your advocacy

Practical tips