Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle is a fun and energetic annual spin class fundraiser for YWCA Australia, where participants don’t just donate money but also their time and sweat! Breaking the Cycle gives participants the chance to ride for a good cause and help to break the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage.

By participating in this fundraiser, you can make a genuine difference in the lives of women who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Encourage your friends and colleagues to join you and make this a team-building and bonding event!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Breaking the Cycle this year?

This year, we are running Breaking the Cycle on Friday 18th October from 8am – 6pm in Sydney CBD and from 8am – 12pm in Melbourne CBD.

How does Breaking the Cycle work?

Stage 1: Our corporate partners form teams, register on our digital platform (mycause) and seek sponsorship for their ride.

Stage 2: Their task is to spin cycle in an allocated 30 min slot and compete against each other and other corporate organisations.

Stage 3: Each team and individual is racing the clock to be fastest, and challenging each other to raise as much money as possible for a good cause.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee for Breaking the Cycle is $49.

We hope to raise at least $125,000 this year, so we ask all our participants to aim to raise at least $500!

Who benefits from funds raised through Breaking the Cycle?

Funds raised through Breaking the Cycle are directed to YWCA Australia’s programs and services.This year, funds will support YWCA Australia’s Pathways to Independence program in Sydney and housing and homelessness programs in Melbourne.

YWCA is committed to supporting people who are experiencing housing distress and homelessness. We provide client-focused, flexible, trauma-informed case management support to clients who experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. 

Have another question?

Contact us at [email protected].

Fundraising Ideas

Worried about fundraising? It doesn’t have to be difficult! Here’s just ten fundraising ideas, and what you might expect to raise:

  1. Email your friends, family and colleagues, and personalise your email to let them know why this cause matters a lot to you ($100 – $500)
  2. Share your fundraising page and regular updates about your training progress on social media ($100 – $500)
  3. Ask your employer to do matched giving ($100 – $1000)
  4. Hold a “Guess how many jellybeans in the jar” competition, at $2 an entry ($50 – $100)
  5. Host a morning tea at work and ask for a small donation ($100 – $300)
  6. Offer a fruit bowl (or chocolate box!) in the office lunchroom, with a gold coin donation per piece of fruit or chocolate ($100 – $500)
  7. Host a trivia night or movie night ($500 – $1000)
  8. Have a birthday coming up? Ask for donations instead of gifts! ($100 – $1000)
  9. Konmari your house – then hold a garage sale to sell all the things you don’t want anymore! ($250 – $1000)
  10. And don’t forget the good old sausage sizzle! ($500 – $2000)

There are lots more fundraising possibilities, and we can help you along the way. Just contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Fundraising Kit

Need some help to spread the word? We’ve created some downloadable resources to help you recruit a team and ask for donations!

Example download – email signature image

Note – clicking the links below will download a file – pdf, png or Word – to your computer.

Information for organisations

Have you been asked to support your staff in Breaking the Cycle?

Breaking the Cycle is a great corporate team-building event for organisations looking to increase their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and support their staff to volunteer and fundraise for the causes that matter most to them.

As a corporate organisation, there are different ways of supporting your staff including:

  • Paying the entry fee for all staff to participate in the event.
  • Doing matched giving – you’ll match every $1 they raise up to $500!
  • Making a direct donation to the team to get their fundraising started.
  • Hosting and supporting fundraising activities at work.
  • Offering incentives like an extra annual leave day for the highest fundraiser!

Breaking the Cycle builds camaraderie in the leadup to the event as participants work together to fundraise and become the “Highest Corporate Fundraising Team” and creates healthy competition at the event as participants compete to cycle the fastest and furthest on the day!  

Benefits of your organisation taking part in Breaking the Cycle include:

  • Support team-building and team-bonding activities for your employees.
  • Build your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility profile
  • Association with the highly respected YWCA Australia brand
  • Demonstrate support for YWCA Australia and the work we do in supporting women, children and communities through our programs and services

Most importantly, this is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to supporting your staff to support the causes that matter most to them.

Want more information? Contact us on [email protected].