Cause Related Marketing

Thank you for your interest in developing a cause related marketing program with YWCA Australia. Through the donation of proceeds from a product or service to YWCA Australia, you demonstrate your commitment to working towards a future where all women, young women and girls are equal, safe and respected.

Activities that are recognised as cause related marketing relate to businesses or individuals who sell a product or service, donate a portion of proceeds from the sale, and wish to use YWCA Australia’s logo or name for promotion and awareness of the product or service.

All cause related marketing promotions must be approved in writing by YWCA Australia prior to commencing any activities, advertising or planning relating to promotions that use our name, logo or are in support of YWCA Australia.

Case Study – Haus of Dizzy

YWCA Australia partnered with Haus of Dizzy to create ‘The Future Is Intersectional’ earrings.

Aligning with YWCA Australia’s purpose of being a feminist organisation focused on improving gender equality for women, young women and girls, and recognising that intersectional perspectives are critical to effectively addressing issues of gender inequality, the brand alignment with Haus of Dizzy was a perfect fit.

Owned and operated by Kristy Dickinson, a proud Wiradjuri woman, Haus of Dizzy creates statement jewellery that ooze activism. The earrings retail for $39 a pair, and from each sale YWCA Australia receives a generous $17.70!

The funds from this campaign are directed to YWCA Australia projects for First Nations people.

How to Apply

To be considered as a cause related marketing partner, please complete the below Expression Of Interest form. All proposals will be confidential, and will be carefully reviewed to ensure your proposal is in alignment with the values and vision of YWCA Australia.