Three Questions With: Tanmaya Vivekanand (Young Women’s Council)

1. What do you see as the biggest issue/s facing young women or girls in Australia?

I think that there are so many issues facing young women in Australia, but a main one is violence against women which happens way too often and can affect women of all ages. 

Another issue would be stereotyping which occurs from a young age and can create barriers for young women. Stereotypes can stop young women from accomplishing things that they have potential to achieve or from choosing pathways that they want to. 

2. Why did you join the YWCA Young Women’s Council?

I have always been a feminist and been committed to gender equity from a young age so my teacher actually told me about the Young Women’s Council and the YWCA. I really admired the YWCA’s vision, values and purpose, so I applied.

I wanted to use my passion for feminism to make a change and do something to help other young women. I also wanted to learn as much as I could and to meet other like-minded young women.

3. Who is your feminist hero?

I have quite a few feminist heroes including Emma Watson who is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and an actress. She hasn’t been afraid to talk about feminism or her views.

Another feminist hero of mine has to be Michelle Obama because she is a powerful advocate for women and girls across the world and highlights issues on education and is just an inspiration to a lot of girls that I know including myself. 

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