YeS 2026 Design Stage Update

Thanks to all of our members who took the time to ask questions and give feedback on YeS 2026 during the Ignite stage of our change journey – your passion for the Y and commitment to our ongoing success was very evident!   

Our entry into June marks the official beginning of the Design stage, which will run from now until March 2022, providing plenty of opportunities for members to have input into how we deliver on the bold goals YeS 2026 has set us. 

So where are we at in the Design stage? 

Right at the beginning!  

To guide us through the next nine months, we have defined clear phases within the Design stage – Gather, Connect, Listen & Co-create, Prioritise and Endorse: 

The Design stage is an exciting and challenging time. We know we need to take our time, hear what is actually needed and be realistic about what we can and can’t commit to.  This is what the above phases of Design are all about. 

So right now, and for the next couple of months, we are in the early phases of Gather and Connect and for members, there will be an opportunity to be involved in this for one of our Core Activities, Core Activity 2 – Galvanise membership to advocate for young women and women’s housing, support services and systems change. 

But more about that later! 

The other thing we heard loud and clear from our Senior Leaders is that we can’t start doing everything at the same time, so their feedback has informed the other Core Activities we will focus on with our teams as we commence the Design stage, and they are: 

  • CORE ACTIVITY 1 – Apply an Intersectional Feminist approach to achieve sustainability and impact; and  
  • CORE ACTIVITY 3 – Deliver safe, affordable housing and referral pathways for young women and women. 

The importance of these two core activities was also reflected in the questions and feedback we received from our members and please get in touch with us – – if you want more information on what the Y team are currently working on across these Core Activities. 

Design framework 

The other thing we knew we needed in place to ensure the Design stage is a success, was a clear set of practices, principles and processes, so over the last few weeks our teams have been busily co-designing the framework that will guide us over the next nine months: 


A set of principles to guide the implementation of the Design stage.


  • Clear roles and responsibilities will be defined along with a framework to guide ways of working
  • Accountable and transparent decision-making approach aligned to intersectional feminism, impact and sustainability
  • Regular, transparent engagement and communications.


Those involved in the Design process agree to adhere to the principles and processes of the Design stage.

Following a series of collaborative workshops with our Executive Team and Senior Leaders, we have landed on a set of draft Design principles. It was great to see the shared commitments that arose from these workshops, and the alignment with our existing values and cultural aspirations. Currently in consultation with our team members, these were presented at the member update sessions on 16 and 17 June and will be finalised at the end of the month. 

How can I get involved with Design?  

Earlier we mentioned there would be an opportunity to get involved in the Gather and Connect phases and below gives you an overview of what the focus of these phases are and how members will be involved for Core Activity 2 – Galvanise membership to advocate for young women and women’s housing, support services and systems change. 

Between June and August there will several ways for members to get involved in the Design stage:  

  • In early July, you will receive a member survey that will look to understand our members’ appetite for driving our regional voice and advocacy in areas tied to our new purpose.  We will use the findings from this survey, combined with many other data sources, to inform a series of virtual member design sessions. 
  • From the end of July and into August, we will facilitate virtual design sessions with various member groups including Cyber Feminists (CBF), Feminist Local Action Groups (FLAGs), life members and members.  And our commitment stands in that we will provide a minimum 2 weeks’ notice for workshops or input requests, with any pre-reading and agendas sent one week prior. 
  • You can always contribute your ideas by sending us an email at 
  • Attend our next Design stage update, which will be held the week commencing 26 July, where we will share more information on our Design framework, including information on roles and responsibilities. 

Don’t forget, we are always updating our FAQ page, and also provide an anonymous platform there to ask questions and provide feedback.  

Thanks again for joining us as we continue on our YeS 2026 change journey and we look forward to the contributions of our valued members as we work together to build a future where gender equality is a reality.  

YWCA Australia wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work, live and play and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We recognise First Nations people as the custodians of the lands, seas and skies, with more than 60,000 years of wisdom, connection and relationship in caring for Country.

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