Young people leading the green movement

Greta Thunberg. Isra Hirsi. Varsha Yajman. Worldwide, young women are leading climate action strikes and protests, leaning into their collective power and having their voices heard.

A little bit closer to home, Year 10 students Mia, Sati and Isabella decided to make their passion for the environment the focus of their project through the Youth Frontiers mentoring program.

Throughout 2019, they worked on spreading the word about living an environmentally-friendly life through an Instagram account that they established – @power.0f.3.

“The project was all to do with the environment and educating and raising awareness about the reality behind the environment’s conditions,” explains Isabella, on behalf of the group.

“As a group, we were so passionate about the project, and about the environment.”

“Doing the project has also taught us so much as well. I feel like now we truly understand and have a deeper knowledge about the environment through all the work we did in learning all of the shocking statistics about human impact on the environment.”

“We’re all a lot more aware and take more responsibility for our actions now.”

The group were supported by their mentor Lillie. “She was amazing, and exactly what we were looking for in a mentor,” the group says.

In turn, Lillie felt like she got as much out of the mentoring program. “Seeing the girls be so consistently committed reminded me to show this consistency within my own life. It allowed me to put what I’ve learnt in my degree into practice, and helped me become more focused on my own goals too.”

“Youth Frontiers is a wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding program that builds you as a person,” she says.

Mia, Sati and Isabella’s commitment to their project can be seen through some of the great posts on the Instagram account:

When asked if they would recommend Youth Frontiers to others, Isabella says, “We would definitely recommend this program to others! It is such an amazing opportunity and gives young people the chance to take on a big project like this and give something back to the community and local areas.”

Do you think you could be a Youth Frontiers mentor?

Youth Frontiers is currently recruiting volunteer mentors – you could help young people like Mia, Sati and Isabella deliver an exciting project like this! All we need from our mentors is time, and a commitment to helping young people reach their potential.

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