No one should be homeless at Christmas

We’re all feeling the financial pinch at the moment, but for some, that is keeping them in an unsafe situation.

Over 7,000 women each year return to violent partners because they can’t afford to live on their own1

42% of all Specialist Homelessness Services clients (like that of YWCA) experienced domestic and family violence 2

 640,000 Australian households are under housing stress – either experiencing homelessness, in overcrowded homes or spending over 30% of their income on rent.3

You can help women to rebuild their lives this Christmas and to make 2023 their best year yet.

Donate now to YWCA Australia

Your donation won’t be restricted to a single project but will be used wherever it’s needed most to help women and gender diverse people with housing, homelessness, safety, and wellbeing.

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  2. Australian Institute Health & Welfare Specialist Homelessness Services annual report 2020-21
  3. ‘Quantifying Australia’s unmet housing need report’ for Community Housing Industry Association