Everyone deserves access to safe, secure and affordable housing

Australia’s housing market is under stress and its impact is gendered.

Access to safe, secure, and affordable housing is a fundamental factor in achieving gender equality in Australia. That’s why we are calling on the federal government to take bold action to end women’s housing insecurity and homelessness.

We need an ambitious plan backed by a policy and investment framework that includes gendered solutions!

Please add your name to the call for urgent action to ensure women have access to safe, secure, and affordable housing.

Our solutions:

  • Improve policy interventions to accelerate and enable the supply of more homes that are gender-responsive and affordable, including targets for women.  
  • Work alongside women’s specialist organisations to design and deliver gender-responsive homelessness and housing supports, assisting women into housing, and keeping women housed.  
  • Support housing solutions for women that are appropriately located near amenities, services, and community and policies for best practice housing design to meet the needs of women.
  • Invest in long term solutions to address the shortage of women’s specialist accommodation and more gender-responsive homelessness services.
  • Improve rental laws to provide greater certainty and better rental affordability outcomes for women and gender diverse people.
  • Increase funding for social and affordable housing to meet the size and scale of the challenge before us.

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Why is this needed?

High rental costs across the country are making it increasingly difficult for women to secure and maintain suitable long-term housing that meets their needs.

  • Recent Census data has revealed that the number of women experiencing homelessness has risen by approximately 10 per cent since the last Census.
  • And there are more women than ever facing or experiencing homelessness for the first time.
  • On top of this, there currently over 640,000 Australian households whose housing needs are not being met, they’re in housing stress which means they’re paying more than 30 per cent of their income on their housing.

Access to social and affordable housing is crucial for women facing housing stress, but current measures aren’t enough to meet current, let alone future demand.

Read our Policy Platform to find more about our solutions.

Sign our Pledge today to support our fight for gender equality through improved access to safe, secure, and affordable housing for women.