Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Leadership Program

Run by, with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

This program is dedicated to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women under 30 years with a lived experience of housing risk/ insecurity, homelessness, and/ or family/ domestic violence.  The program assists young women to build skills to influence and lead change within YWCA, community, peaks, or government.

The program offers a series of co-designed workshops that are culturally sensitive and community-driven and focus on building knowledge, practical skills, confidence and networks to amplify their voice and expertise, across the core areas of women, housing, homelessness, housing risk, safety, and culture.  

Participants are then linked to advocacy & influencing change opportunities and supported by the Program Coordinator to participate in various opportunities to have a say and amplify their voice to lead change. This program is funded by the Australian Government and workshops can be delivered in metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australian communities.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Lekesha Keelan via email at lekesha.keelan@ywca.org.au