First Nations Women’s Leadership Program

Run by, with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Young women who have experienced housing insecurity, homelessness, and/or family and domestic violence have a wealth of knowledge on what change is needed to ensure everyone has access to a secure, affordable home, free from violence.

The First Nations Women’s Leadership Program (FNWLP) supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women recognise their inherent knowledge and leadership skills and connect with others, to become strong advocates for and within their community.

FNWLP run both one-day and six-week group sessions for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, aged 16-30, in South Australia. The one-day session is designed as an introductory to the six-week program, but is still valuable on its own.

First Nations Women's Leadership Program logo

What is involved?

As part of the First Nations Women’s Leadership Program, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of an immersive group experience
  • Cultivate their inner strengths
  • Build confidence
  • Connect with others with similar experiences
  • Speak out and share their story (if they want to)
  • Make a difference in South Australia
  • Access support
  • Access training and upskilling for personal development.

Is the program right for you?

We are looking for First Nations women and gender diverse people who:

  • Are aged between 16-30
  • Have experienced first-hand or generational effects of homelessness, housing insecurity, and/or family and domestic
    violence (FDV)
  • Are at risk of homelessness due to FDV, leaving care, exiting correctional facilities, or any other reason
  • Would like to build meaningful connections with those who have experienced similar.
  • Are willing to participate in group activities to build confidence, speak up, and cultivate their leadership skills.

How can I participate or run a workshop in my area?

We can offer workshops right across South Australia. To find out about workshops or host a workshop in your local area, please contact the Program Coordinator via email at