We are ALL about supporting young women’s development! Not only do we have Australia’s most representative Young Women’s Council, we also offer leadership and mentoring programs, internships, traineeships, and share a wide variety of resources with emerging young women leaders.

Here on this page, we share links to resources that we have published here on our website and across the internet.

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Reflect. Grow. Thrive. Webinar Series (2020)

Empower Your Resume Series

COVID-19 Feminist Response Series


Our Guide to Chairing a Feminist Virtual Meeting

Here are our top tips for chairing a feminist, inclusive, and intersectional meeting. This is all about bringing the values of compassion, respect and collaboration in our daily interactions and spaces we occupy.


Tips to Isolate Like a Feminist

Physical distancing shouldn’t mean social distancing, and it certainly doesn’t mean that our feminist activities stop altogether. Here are some tips on how you can isolate like a feminist!


Top Four Tips for Supporting Feminist Local Businesses

Seeing our local community members struggle during this time has left many of us searching for ways to give back. We can use this time to support the types of businesses we want to see thrive in the years to come.

Four ways we can help prevent gender-based violence

What everyday actions can help prevent gender-based violence? Our Advocacy Manager Claire Tatyzo explores four key areas.

Financial Literacy Series

Lunch and Learn with Fox and Hare

We partnered with Fox and Hare Financial Advice in August 2020 on this short Lunch and Learn webinar session. From creating the perfect budget to managing spending and ethical investments, this webinar covered it all!

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It’s all about the money, money, money…

Being financially literate can mean that you have the power to create stable and secure lives for yourself and your loved ones. It can also mean that you can use your resources to support and empower other wom*n!

Ladies Talk Money

Ladies Talk Money tackles the complicated relationship between women, their finances and the barriers that are keeping them from achieving true financial equality. It is a place for women to connect, converse and take control of their finances. 

Money Money Money Top Tips Youtube Series

Created during our 2019 Money Money Money financial literacy series, these six short videos offer some great tips to getting on top of your finances!

Breaking Down the Bloke-Based Budget

In this webinar by the YWCA and the Equality Rights Alliance, we break down what the 2020 #BlokeBasedBudget means for the non-white-cis-men of Australia.

Leadership Development Series

Top 5 Tips for Young Women and Girls Developing their Leadership Journey

We’ve compiled five top tips for young women and girls hoping to become board members, with the input of the YWCA Young Women’s Council and other young woman board members.

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Top three tips for transforming power structures

We seek to transform power structures to make participation, decision-making and leadership more inclusive and equitable. You are the key to unlocking systemic societal change!

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YWCA merger celebration

Five tips on the road to merger success

YWCA Australia’s merger was a four-year journey and many women were involved before us in building a strong foundation for a successful merger. Here are five tips that we learnt along the way.

What happened when my husband asked for parental leave

At YWCA Australia, we advocate for change that leads to gender equality for everyone. This includes challenging the taboos around men taking parental leave. Here’s three tips for couples who are making plans for a family.

#FeministBookWeek with Jess Hill and Zoya Patel

YWCA and The Stella Prize were thrilled to host Zoya Patel in-conversation with Jess Hill, discussing Jess’ award winning book See What You Made Me Do. See What You Made Me Do examines domestic abuse as a national emergency in Australia: 1 in 4 women in Australia will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

Brazen Hussies Q&A with the Creative Team

YWCA was proud to present this exclusive member event – an online pre-screening of BRAZEN HUSSIES, followed by a Q&A with the director Catherine Dwyer and Executive Producer Sue Maslin.

This recording is only for the Q&A part of the event, and does not include the movie itself.