My place in this country is conditional

As I leave the comfort of my home and enter spaces I know were never intended for me, I am aware that my existence is treated as threatening to many, and my experiences, when shared, will never be validated, appreciated or valued as my white female counterpart in this country.

This is my Australia. 

On intersectionality and inclusion

I remember being so proud following family tradition into military service in 1988. Watching the Minister for Defence now, I hold old PTSD at bay, revisiting constant discrimination, sexual assault, and harassment.

Why Estate Planning is essential at any age plus the 3 steps to get you started.

By Fox & Hare Wealth We rarely give much mental space to the worst-case scenario, but after the year we’ve just experienced, […]

Philosophising with Julia Kristeva about Institutional Sexual Violence

In just the past two months, we have seen the rise of Grace Tame as Australian of the Year speaking out again child sexual violence with the #LetHerSpeak campaign. We’ve also witnessed the rejection of Christian Porter’s historical rape allegation and the attempted silencing of Brittany Higgins.

Why are women underrepresented in leadership positions in Australia?

While universities are churning out more female graduates, and men and women share similar career goals and ambitions in Australia, there is a distinct lack of women in high-level leadership positions. We look at why.

South Australian Abortion Decriminalisation Letter to MPs

This is a letter YWCA sent to South Australian Lower House MPs just before the introduction of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill. We are encouraging any YWCA members in South Australia to get in contact with your local member to support the Termination of Pregnancy Bill with no amendments.