We are so inspired by 16-year-old Brianna, a young woman who participated in our Youth Frontiers mentoring program this year. Right from the start of participating in the program, Brianna knew what she wanted to focus on for her community project – a call to action to support the rights of young women in Australia.

“I am really passionate about female self-love and self-care,” says Brianna. “I wanted to send a strong message about women empowerment and connecting with YWCA Australia was a great way to do so.”

Working with her mentor Madi, Brianna started putting all her ideas together to create a final project. As soon as she decided that she wanted to make an advocacy video, YWCA’s Advocacy team got involved and supported Brianna with her idea.

“I travelled to Sydney and stayed at in a feminist theme room in Song Hotel, which is YWCA Australia’s profit-for-purpose business. Sally Rugg’s LGBTIQA+ pride room was like nothing I had seen before and gave me great inspiration for my video.”

“Over two days Bobbie from the YWCA Advocacy team linked me with YWCA volunteers, all young women themselves, who helped me to explore my values and messaging, form my script, explore creative concepts and bring my ideas to life,” explains Brianna.

“Natalie Judson (graphic designer) channelled my vision by creating animations, Sarah McCarthy (Diversity and Inclusion Expert) helped me visualise my values, Brigitta Brown (voice artist) coached me through how to have impact with my words and Erin Bassett (Communications Specialist) has supported me to get my message to a wider audience. With the help of videographer Eva Davis-Boermans, the video you see today is ready to share!”

Brianna wants everyone who watches this video to do something.

“This video is being released on the last day of 16 Days of Activism, a global campaign to spread awareness about violence against women and girls. It is also the International Day of Human Rights. Women’s rights are human rights and my video is a call to action for everyone to act and stand up for young women everywhere.”

Brianna shares three tips in the video – to change the world, we have to change the rules!

  1. You’ve got this! Challenge gender stereotypes every day and avoid generalising statements based on gender. Educate others!
  2. You are enough. Practice self-love and self-care – think, act and feel without judgement.
  3. Reach out, stand out, belong. Imagine how loud our voices can be together – connect with organisations who can help to amplify your voices!

In closing, Brianna tell us, “I got to develop my own confidence, self love and belief in my potential during this project. I want other women and girls to feel empowered and own their true potential too.”

Please share this video with your networks #YoungFemaleFree – and let’s stand up for women’s rights!

Do you think you could be a Youth Frontiers mentor?

Youth Frontiers is currently recruiting volunteer mentors – you could help young people like Brianna deliver an exciting project like this! All we need from our mentors is time, and a commitment to helping young people reach their potential.

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