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We are committed to capturing, retaining and growing our local voice, with the aim of informing and supporting our ongoing work across the country. Feminist Local Action Groups (FLAGs) and Friendship Groups reflect our strong tradition of grassroots membership engagement.

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Feminist Local Action Groups (FLAGs)

FLAGs operate around the country with the purpose of supporting national fundraising, advocacy and events. These groups support and promote local issues by capturing the local voice and communicating local needs and ideas into the work of YWCA Australia.

FLAGs harness the grassroots power of young women, women, gender diverse people to effect social change at a local and national level. As a FLAG member, you will have the opportunity to build advocacy, event management and networking skills, promote gender equality and young women’s leadership, and increase awareness of the issues affecting young women, women, gender diverse people in Australia. Get involved and become part of our movement of women leading change!

Woman holding a protest sign that says respect all women
Feminist Local Action Groups

All FLAG members must be YWCA Australia members, which comes with a range of other benefits. You can either join as a member first or sign up to register for your local FLAG.

  • Are member-led
  • Engage with local and national offices
  • Advocate, fundraise and promote membership
  • Contribute to national and local campaigns
  • May apply for funds to run events or deliver programs in local area
  • May apply for annual funding up to $1000 for campaigns of events

Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups have a long history within the YWCA movement in Australia.

They have operated around Australia for over a century, originally forming as young wives’ clubs, sporting or social action groups with members meeting weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These clubs have evolved over time and now serve a crucial social connection for members continuing to meet on a regular basis. They can involve social or sporting activities, with an optional fundraising and advocacy component.

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YWCA Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups operate autonomously, with support and engagement from YWCA Australia as required. You will communicate with each other to determine when, how and where you meet, and what events you organise. This way, you can tailor your activities to the needs and interests of your Friendship Group.

  • Are member-led
  • Engage with local and national offices
  • Meet regularly around social or sporting activities
  • Run local events with guest speakers
  • Undertake general fundraising activities
  • Located in a local community or region
  • May apply for annual funding of up to $100 for events


We have developed a range of resources for our Local Groups. Click here to access these resources.

Key Contacts

The Communications Team will be your first point of contact and support

Email:  localgroups@ywca.org.au 
Phone: (02) 9285 6286