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2019 YWCA AGM – celebrating the past 12 months, and looking to the future

Over 50 women and young women gathered at historic Ayers House in Adelaide last night to celebrate YWCA Australia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Joined by over 30 attendees at satellite AGMs in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Broken Hill, this was a real demonstration of YWCA’s achievements as a truly national women’s organisation.

Media Release: YWCA student-led social work program wins national award

PowerHousing Australia presented YWCA National Housing with its Award for Excellence in Tenant Engagement and Social Inclusion for its Women’s Housing Inclusion Program (Y-WHIP) last night in a ceremony in Canberra.

Media Release: Darwin program for women in prison earns national award

YWCA Australia’s Women of Worth program for women involved in the justice system in Darwin, won the Federal Government’s Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Gold Community Award in Canberra today.

A celebration of women’s suffrage in SA – by, featuring and for young women!

Join us for ‘Hard Won But Not Done’, a celebration of 125 Years of Women’s Suffrage in South Australia. This event is by young women, featuring young women, for young women!

‘Lost Children’, a Breaking the Cycle of homelessness fundraiser

There’s lots of other ways you can get involved and fundraise to support women experiencing homelessness – as demonstrated by artist Sonja Plitt. As a talented sculptor, Sonja decided to hold an art exhibition of all her sculptures, with sales of her artwork going towards YWCA programs addressing older women’s homelessness.

What happened when my husband asked for parental leave

But it also made me feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Not for him, but for all the dads who miss out on those early years. This is a very special time, a time when bonding with your baby moulds you into the parent you will become.