What comes to your mind when you think of startups?

Written by Priyanka Ashraf What about the individuals from those groups who also belong to intersecting identities across race, gender, […]

Feminist of the Month: Madison Connors

Nominated by Priyanka Ashraf

woman in kitchen performing unpaid labour.

Feminist Economics

According to a 2014 ABC Study revealed unpaid work was equivalent to $434 billion – 43.5% of the Australian GDP. But do why we still under-value unpaid, domestic work, done primarily by women? YWCA Member Satara Uthayakumaran shares her take. 

The cycle of degradation in Australian emerging women’s sports

Written by Laura Kemp, edited by Claire Louise Sheridan What are the arguments? It is said that advertisement and merchandising […]

MEMBER GIVEAWAY! Get a Scholarship to the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation’s Equals Now Symposium

For those coming in person and who elect to attend the dinner, we will be hearing from the Hon Zali […]

Older women are facing homelessness at alarming rates. Here’s how you can help.

Women are often socialised to hide their emotions. But as women aged 55+ now make up the fastest-growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in […]